oh you had a bad day???????? WELL 2014 years ago the dinosaurs went instinct on this very day. think before u speak

…..sweetheart, I think you are mistaken.

listen sweetie(: im a dinosaur scientist i know what i’m talking about



Found this while trolling around 4chan.

Dug a little deeper and found out that it is a college animation project called Deathigner from the National Taiwan University of Arts. Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts.

Fantastic animation, great story line, and don’t forget that amazing music and sound design.


Check out the animation here


gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous


First Check-up for Otter Pups at Woodland Park Zoo

Four Asian Small-clawed Otter pups were born at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle! The three females and one male received a clean bill of health.

See the video of their first swimming lesson at Zooborns.


You can’t be that hot it’s not fair 😭😭


I would be a morning person, if morning happened around 1pm



deaf people use sign language because actions speak louder than words

and all this time i thought it was because they couldn’t hear

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im seriously unfollowing everyone that is posting ahs spoilers because i don’t have cable so i cant watch it until someone posts it online and honestly it’s just really rude

im not fuckin around kids

Watchseries.Lt guys. Free online episodes of almost any tv show you can think of.